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The New Launch of Google Drive

Files backup always becomes important option for many people. Some breakage on their devices may result the loss of their important data. Losing the devices also causes such loss so then they now use online files backup service to protect such important data. Google Drive is one that recently was launched by Google. Actually, the rumors of certain service launching have been occurring since 2006.

However, some people may say no other breakthrough on this online backup service. People find that google drive is useful for data storage rather than automated files backup as any other online backup providers offer. People can obtain 5 Gb storage capacity freely at its start and if they want to enhance the capacity, they need to pay 2.5 $ each month or 30 $ each year for 25 Gb. The benefit of certain online file storage service is that Google Drive is available for any devices with different operating system, including Macs, windows and some mobile device operating system; while for Linux it is still underway.

Some people greet Google Drive enthusiast as they did when meet previous products of Google, but some people seems giving skeptic view to such new service as they might expect more to the Google Drive. Anyway, more reviews of certain online storage service are required and this can be gotten after some time of its usage.

What Makes Online Storage is Better to Store Our Important Files

Some people currently consider that using online storage is better way to store their valuable and important files. This opinion is absolutely right for everyone who uses this service can get his data backup whenever some unwanted occurrence happens to his hard drive. The only main provision to perform such online storage is internet connection. Therefore, it also considered as one easiest way to save people’s valuable files due to wide range of current internet use.

There are some reasons for why people prefer using online storage than conventional way. The first is its storage capacity. Most online storage providers offer wide capacity storage for entire types of file and even some offer unlimited capacity. This is really interesting for people who have many files that need to be secured. Next reason is the automation. Whenever someone uses online storage service, the files will be backed up automatically as long as their computer connected with internet.

People who use certain service can also obtain other advantage. They can recover their files anywhere as long as their device connected with internet. For example, if certain people perform traveling, they can use laptop to download their backups. It considered more practical compare with conventional way for they do not need to bring any other instrument to sustain certain files storage.