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Do you want to apply for credit? If you do, you must consider your credit score. When you apply for a credit, the lender will ask you some data about your credit report. That’s necessary for you because the creditor want to know that they give a credit to the right person with minimum risk. So, your credit report also are affect the creditor’s reliability to you.

Do you know what is a credit report? That’s a file that contains your credit activities record. So, whenever you apply for credit, you will get a new record printed in your credit report. Any company that has an account with the credit office can look at your credit report. This would normally happen when you go to finance a car, rent a apartment, apply for a job, apply for a credit card, apply for a home or cellular phone and more. You can get free credit report if you want, but every time you apply for any service that is connected to credit, the lender company will need to order a copy of your credit report.

In this case, I want to suggest you to monitoring your credit score by free credit report service. You can make sure that your credit score is good by using free credit score. That is why you have to do your best in keeping your credit report well. The good score of credit report means the easier process of credit your will get. If you have the good credit report score then you will have the bigger chance to get the new loan or the new credit, that’s obviously because the creditor will more rely on you. There’s no arguing in using free credit scores to monitoring your credit status.


If you have a talent or skill related to electricity, it may good for you to looking for some opportunity. In fact, most of company needs for a skillful electricians who can manage their company about electric matter. In this age, the skill about electricity has an important role in people’s life. For example, you should need an electrician to help you if sometimes your TV or your computers are out of order. Only peole who has this skill can help you to repair it and none others. However, if you are skilled about electricity and want to prove or qualify it, why not to take an electrician school?

Okay, let’s see about this school, Rosedale Technical Institute. This company was founded since 1949, dedicated for preparing their student to become a skillful employers. No doubt about they reputation by age. Each programs they provides including auto mechanics, diesel mechanic, and electrician. They also offers career choice assistance to help identify a job to fit each student’s employment needs and personal goals. That’s good for you to start your electrician careers.

Once you get your electrician certification, you has proven yourself as a professional electrician. That’s mean you your chance to get an opportunity will faster and bigger. So, don’t just stop to study, by develop your skill, you can prove that your skill is worthy.


One day, I tried to open my account at Linkworth, who knows I got some job to review. Fortunately, I got two offers in my inbox. I’m so happy and grabbed all job without any thinking. But, one of the job I grabbed is about gambling. Wow, is this okay for my blog if I writing about casinos or gambling? There’s some doubt in my heart. Actually, I need money, I need a job. Once I get a notification about an opportunity that approved by advertiser, I will accept and do it with pleasure because I know I must make advertiser satisfied. But why? It’s first time when I decided to refuse an opportunity.

That’s because some expert bloggers said that paid post about gambling can be affected on our blog. Some advertisers don’t like to advertise in a blog that contains about casinos, gambling, and adult content. And also search engine like Google hated it and probably risked to your blog to lost the pagerank or even banned.

In my opinion, gamble is a sin. I want to keep my blog clean from such things (i.e gambling, adult, scammers, etc).Someday I must be wise for choosing a job.


Sponsoredreviews.com is one of famous paid review broker. Of course most of advertisers yearn about review advertisement there. For us, the bloggers it can be a gold mine to earn more money by get more review job. Most of you must be have question : “how to get more job in Sponsoredreviews?” I want to share a little tips that I get from the one of paid review master. It may works if you serious to to it. but I’m not guarantee your sucessfulness , all is depend on you.

This is normal tips to register :

  1. Actually it’s so easy and simple. Just need an effort from you.
  2. Make a blog, in english if necessary. Your blog must be 3 month old.
  3. Register at Sponsoredreviews and submit your blog.
  4. Bid some job that you think qualified with your blog category.

This tips actually very basic and easy to understand. By practicing this I believe that can fill your pocket.

Random tips to get more jobs :

  1. Buy a domain that have pagerank 2 to 3. You can buy it at Sedo. Why must I buy? Everything is need sacrifice, you know.
  2. Make hosting, make instant blog before pagerank update happens. Make it fast.
  3. Make some “dummy post” in english. Make it fine looked by putting some screenshot every post. You can make a review from another website or else.
  4. Bid jobs as many as you can.

Just try to bid more jobs, the greater chance you get more jobs. Good luck and keep trying.



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The participation to this program is simple enough. Just open the homepage and click “Free Sign-up“. You can choose to become a blogger/publisher for get paid to blog, or as an advertiser for buy link to increase your traffic. Submit your blog or website and wait for apporoval. But remember, you must have high pagerank in order to approved within 24 hours. The higher your pagerank, the more chance you get a job and earn $ 100 per month from link post.

You can earn money simply from your blog post. So what are you waiting for? Visit the site, sign-up and watch what happen.