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In business terms, we usually hear about mailing list. What is this terms? Mailing list is a collection of names and addresses used by an individual or an organization to send material to multiple recipients. It can also referred as a distribution list. This is legal and not considered as spam that peoples can subscribe or unsubscribe. It can be rented or sold by individual or company. That’s a little description. By direct mailing lists, you can increase the sales of your products with these lists. In this case, mailing list can be useful for running your sales business. Simply by choose one from the list that matches your requirements. Then, your marketing bisnis can be targeted and efficient by hit the correct targets.

A good strategy required for you to run your mailing list business. If you are a personal or company who looking for consumers or business mailing lists, I will show you the right way. I recommend you to visit Martin Worldwide first. They are specialized mailing list broker and become a leader in direct marketing industry, the most complete and reliable mailing list you can ever find around the internet. Dedicated for help you to finding the mailing lists with friendly service. You can start for new homeowner lists by filling a small registration form. You will request for it. They lists has over 290 millions records and always up to date. Their database is highly safe and secure which is impossible to penetrate. No extra charge or any hidden fees on it. So you can enhance your marketing without any worries.

They offers various targeted lists that fits your requirements. I think you have to try it out before running you marketing business. Find more benefit of targeted mailing list from Martin Worldwide now. Good luck for you and we shall meet in the marketplace.


Playing fruit machines or slot machines has several good benefits and so interesting. You can play when you want at anytime. By the way, do you know about the history of slot machine? If you are a maniac about this game, you should know at least a bit. The first slot machines invented by Charles Fey in 1895 and it was the Liberty Bell. consist of three spinning reels (diamond, spade, and heart symbol in each reels). Maybe it looks old-fashioned in this age. It gave you the grand payoff if you hit three reels in a row. Nowadays,the slot machines runs by electricity and they spread over lodges and casinos around the world. It’s become the most popular game ever.

That’s about short history I knew about the slot machines. Just a little because I just read the book and rarely to play it. If you want know everything about slot machines and how to choose a slot machines in high quality for your business, just visit at www.slotsrev.com. Who is slots rev? They are free service about reviewing online slots. They will test and make decision if the slots are good or not, no fraudulent devices, and it’s guaranteed, including to bonus size, payout rate, deposit options, customer support and graphics.

That’s all, I hope you shall enjoy your playing. But, do not play excessively because it will make your money runs out. Good luck.


Just one question from the bloggers about participating in paid to review program : “Is that true that my pagerank can be down or disappear if I use my blog as paid posting?” That’s an important and you must be careful about it. It may happens to you if you not follow the proper way. Many blogs have been penalized by Google because they do paid reviews and you know that Google hated it. But It can be avoided. You can still safe your pagerank. Now, what is the meaning of the “proper way” to avoid Google’s anger? There’s some tips here.

Use comparison 1:2
How it works? When you write 1 paid post, write also 2 neutral post. This can also prevent pagerank’s decrease, and even believed can increase your pagerank.

Use “nofollow” tag for every link in paid post
We re all know that Google hate paid reviews. However Google will back to friendly if you using “nofollow” tag to your paid post. You can insert this tag in each links/anchor text that you made in your paid post. At least advertisers just get your blog’s traffic without any backlink added. this is how to insert “nofollow” tag in link :

<a href=”http://yourlinkaddress” rel=”nofollow”>link

Special (with egg) for all bloggers that got punished by Google, just change all of your paid links and request for Google’s consideration and you may request your pagerank is back. Well, good luck.


Sponsoredreviews.com is one of famous paid review broker. Of course most of advertisers yearn about review advertisement there. For us, the bloggers it can be a gold mine to earn more money by get more review job. Most of you must be have question : “how to get more job in Sponsoredreviews?” I want to share a little tips that I get from the one of paid review master. It may works if you serious to to it. but I’m not guarantee your sucessfulness , all is depend on you.

This is normal tips to register :

  1. Actually it’s so easy and simple. Just need an effort from you.
  2. Make a blog, in english if necessary. Your blog must be 3 month old.
  3. Register at Sponsoredreviews and submit your blog.
  4. Bid some job that you think qualified with your blog category.

This tips actually very basic and easy to understand. By practicing this I believe that can fill your pocket.

Random tips to get more jobs :

  1. Buy a domain that have pagerank 2 to 3. You can buy it at Sedo. Why must I buy? Everything is need sacrifice, you know.
  2. Make hosting, make instant blog before pagerank update happens. Make it fast.
  3. Make some “dummy post” in english. Make it fine looked by putting some screenshot every post. You can make a review from another website or else.
  4. Bid jobs as many as you can.

Just try to bid more jobs, the greater chance you get more jobs. Good luck and keep trying.