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Get Connected By Smallrivers

Nowadays, social networking is the most popular site where people spend their spare time to get connected each other. There are many activity when they socialize such as sharing comment, photo upload, video, and more. As the many of social networking site has grown rapidly, you must be selective of them. Don’t you think we need a kind of shift towards content networking? How about a process if bloggers can share their content with each and every visitor? For a consideration, I know something interesting related with the mentioned above. I just found out about Smallrivers, a blogger’s tool to network content and audiences.

If you have a content from your own blog, you can use their tool to share your content so that your content flows through the web to interconnect like minded audience and site visitors. This also known as portable content network. Anyway, getting audience is very important and you should know about it. In this way a blog content can be shared more seamlessly among like minded fellows by blog visitors. Well, you can do the same way.


Nowadays, technologies become the most important thing around the world. As a high demand of advanced technology among people, there is also simultaneous progress in producing more high technologies to fulfilling human’s needs. In order to make people satisfied, most companies try to compete with the others by some innovate at low price but more benefits can obtained by customers.

For the consideration, Usdirect.com has innovated an advanced technology that suits your budget called comcast cable. Just like the previous product, this services will allow you to enjoy the best quality of communication technology like high-speed internet connection, enjoy to watch your favorite TV show clearly by satellite TV, and much more. Comcast cable offers a Comcast Triple Triple Play Deal. You can also save your budget by taking bundle all three. For only $33 per month, that’s so cheap and affordable for everyone. From comcast cable deals, I just interested in their high-speed internet service. It defifitely faster than dial-up or DSL, that’s very promising for a blogger like me.

For more information, you can visit the official Usdirect site. For subscriptions, you can simply contact them and get the best service of these great offers that so beneficial. Enjoy yourself and good luck.


Being online in front of my notebook is my daily activity as full-time blogger. When someone ask me what I’m doing while online and from where I get some money, I let them know that I’m being online for making money. Yeah, I believe that I could get much money just from internet. Everyone has some reasons why they open internet, it can be for searching pictures, articles, and of course work for making money online. As this blog title was “MAKING MONEY ONLINE” in capital letter, You must be know that I, the author also working for making money in internet as a blogger. I enjoyed it and that’s interesting for all my life.

There are a lot of professional blog that write about guide for making money online. You know, I had a dream that this blog can be famous as this blog, Shoemoney.com. I heard this blog is completely full of money. If you explore this blog, you will find something that may interest you. You can get a kind of course how to be a professional internet marketing for 12 month free trial. This course just interest me and it’s worth to try. Just provide your email address and you will get any information from Shoemoney. the purpose of this course is to help everyone who willing to be a professional internet marketer to learn basic information starting guide make money online or even for professional how and where to make money online.. No hidden purpose or even additional fees, this course are honestly for helping beginners to be success in make money.

Making money on internet is not so hard as you thought, being optimistic is also affect your successfulness to be an internet marketer. That’s up to you about being optimistic or even pessimistic, the choice is yours. Just get this precious experienced course now.


When I was a single, I had a dream about my future family life. Someday, I want to have a wife who used herself as a blogger. In other words, I’d like my future wife is a blogger or may have much knowledge about internet. I want to build my blogger family. Maybe you supposed it as a ridiciolus dream about having a family in household. I think it’s okay because actually my wife hasn’t a blogger at all. We have some difference in our household and it’s okay to be rant between us. But everything is gonna be okay because we can understand each other, although now we stay separately with our twin daughter, Frelia, living together with me and Cocona live together with my wife.

Actually we are not intended to divorce. We just want to take a bed separately. Divorcement is the most painful things in household. So, I avoid to get divorced with my wife because I still love her. I wonder why some people and even celebrities have an intention to divorce with their couple. But I think they have their own reason about it. I know that they as well as my wife who has very exceptional thought against me and I have the different thoughts, different vision, but we must be able to communicate well. If two hearts can’t defend their marriage any longer, no wonder if the divorcement become the final decision. That’s too bad.

I heard about a lawsuit that can manage about family law and divorcement called DALLAS DIVORCE ATTORNEY. Located in Dallas, Texas. To handle your divorcement process, The May Firm can be the first aid for you. Dallas Divorce Attorney will help you to handle everything about your disputed properties in your household such child custody disputes, family wealth, and marital property litigation. If you have any question about family law, you can find your answer there by ask their professional staffs of dallas divorce attorney.

Still want to divorce? Think back about your intention. You should think about your children future. I hope you are understand about what are doing.


Besides my activity as a full-timed blogger, I like to watching television. In fact, I almost cannot hold back from my room when I watch an action movie. So, I want to make my TV performance looks batter appearance because TV has an important role for my life entertainment. When I surfing on internet, I found something about dish network deals. This website say that the dish network gives the best performance of TV broadcasting, even surprassing technology of cable TV. It provides higher quality and affordable as well. That will be the right choice for most TV-addicts who seeking for the best performance of TV.

They offers many channels for low cost and affordable for everyone. Over 100 channels available and you can enjoy it, start from $10 per month. More benefits and features can be obtained from special dish network offers. Easy and simple to install and cheap price, there is no doubt about the quality of dish network. For more information, you can visit the official website at usdish.com or you can call them at 1-800-434-7451. Their professional staff will help you to find something that you looking for. Well, enjoy the movie with high quality screen and audio by dish network on your audio-visual device.


One way to increase pagerank and high traffic in addition to post more articles or simple way such blogwalking, link exchange, and also giving some comments are do Technorati exchange with other bloggers. So, if your pagerank increased, of course it will give possibility your blog appear in the first page of serch engine. Technorati is one of the webmaster who is very influential to increase page rank on the blog or sites that you have and high traffic as well.

Your pagerank will increased if the amount of backlink in your blog increased, moreover if there is a blog that added yours as favourite at Technorati. If you want to have a blog with high page rank and traffic that I think you should consider one of the things that is quite important, especially if you have monetizing purpose. Of course this is very important, because it can make money.

How it work, simply do the steps below :

1. Do Technorati exchange with other bloggers. Add them to your favourite and they will do same. You can do this by blogwalking and leave comment or notification to exchange Technorati. If you want to exchange with me, click here. If you done, leave a comment that you has added me and I will do same to add yours. Fair enough isn’t it? Oh also you can get the widget here.

2.Make a post about Technorati like this post, but don’t copy mine, just use your own word and you can do it. Do it if you are serious blogger who wants to raise your blog.

I think that’s so easy to understanding. I will waiting for your interest to exchange Technorati with me. As you know, this is “dofollow” blog, so your comments are valued here.