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Samsung Galaxy S5: a premium version and an output between March and April 2014?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has already been much ink , but we are probably not the end of our surprises and rumors will intensify in the coming weeks . This morning, it is also ETNews who gave a layer devoting an entire article to the next Samsung flagship . According to the Korean newspaper , the firm had actually planned to start production of its new terminal in the month of January for a scheduled between March and April marketing . Interesting, but there is even better because it would have also decided to give his two S5 models, including a premium version .

Much has been said about the Galaxy S4 . Some have even been talk of disappointing sales , well below forecasts South Korean giant . JK Shin sought to reassure investors by giving some figures last month. Figures for the less eloquent as the S4 would have passed 40 million copies , including 10 million in the first month !rumeurs-samsung-galaxy-s5-nov13

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Spying on a Cell phone: now it is possible to spy a cell phone Blackberry

Is it possible to spy on a cell phone?

A concept that at first seemed remotely impossible, and now even in the XXI century many people still think the same, is to spy on a cell phone now something that is entirely possible through various specialized software to perform this task of spying.

From a basic cell roughly to a BlackBerry can be traced through the cell phone spy software, so that question rather than questioning is an expression of disbelief has the answer, yes, if it is possible to trace phones to the latest technology.

The BlackBerry phone is a mobile phone model and common, one of those who can say, very popular. So it can be seen surrounded by a lot of people have at their disposal the latest cell phone technology.

And spy on a cell phone of this type that is popular or advanced is not difficult for a specialized software in such activity, which will be held as is as is used to an ordinary cell phone, also performing tasks designed by the application.

Pay Only What It Worth!

These days, every company is struggling to success and what they need is to deliver innovative products at better value for their customers. This also happens within the software industry. Software developers and publishers are competing to win the market and get higher income. Expanding their user base is one important factor to dominate the market.

No matter how great your product is, it won’t be success without the right marketing and distribution solution. Even high budget marketing program may not be successful. When you really need solution to expand your software user base, Sterkly has the best and most innovative solution. Sterkly is highly popular network as it is offering varieties free software to download. It has thousands of visitors every day and lots of users are downloading software from this network. Through pay per install scheme, Sterkly will promote your software right to your targeted market.

Using Online PC Back up to Save Your Important Data

When you work with your computer or laptop, you must think about the security system. This system is very important to keep your data. Besides, there some causes in which they can be a real threat for you. Your computer will be easily infected by dangerous viruses. If it happens, you must be careful toward your data. Although you argue that you have already used good antivirus, it doesn’t guarantee that your data will be safe. So, you must use the ordinary way to back up your data.

However, it is not totally good idea when you think that using CD or flashdisk to back up your document or data will be the best idea. Have you ever thought that you might forget where you put the CD or flashdisk? If it happens, it will be silly thing because you forget where you place those tools. If that so, it can be concluded that you will lose your data too.

Online backup will be your amazing way to back up your computer. This pc back up will help you to save your important data. It will work fast. Besides, the storage system of this online back up can save many documents in any size. It means that there is no limitation for the storage.

What Makes Online Storage is Better to Store Our Important Files

Some people currently consider that using online storage is better way to store their valuable and important files. This opinion is absolutely right for everyone who uses this service can get his data backup whenever some unwanted occurrence happens to his hard drive. The only main provision to perform such online storage is internet connection. Therefore, it also considered as one easiest way to save people’s valuable files due to wide range of current internet use.

There are some reasons for why people prefer using online storage than conventional way. The first is its storage capacity. Most online storage providers offer wide capacity storage for entire types of file and even some offer unlimited capacity. This is really interesting for people who have many files that need to be secured. Next reason is the automation. Whenever someone uses online storage service, the files will be backed up automatically as long as their computer connected with internet.

People who use certain service can also obtain other advantage. They can recover their files anywhere as long as their device connected with internet. For example, if certain people perform traveling, they can use laptop to download their backups. It considered more practical compare with conventional way for they do not need to bring any other instrument to sustain certain files storage.

Waiting for the New Google Drive Review

The modern technology is used in many aspects. So, there are so many people who try to develop everything so that they can find a new invention that can help the people. They can get the answer of the problem that may come in our daily life. Whether there are so many inventions have already known by the people, the expert always wants to improve it and make find the best invention.

One of the inventions that the people can enjoy is the internet service. By using the internet service, the people can have the unlimited access. They can easily communicate to the people in other countries without spending much time because all of them can be done easily. They also can make anew experiments and improving the program because of the internet service help.

Everything needs a new innovation, so the Google as one of the big search engine is also do the same. They use their expert to find the new solution that can be the innovation for the people. They want to help the people by creating the good program. The google drive review is one of the programs that you can get. But, it has not launching yet, so the people have to be patient to enjoy the new program from Google.