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The Online War Between Google And Microsoft Rages On

Microsoft is quickly trying to take over this and that, jumping onto the search engine seen with Bing then pushing to get in with Apple. Working to collaborate with Yahoo and then taking hold of the searches on Facebook. Microsoft is pushing and pushing hard to get back on the map and although they have yet to take a significant piece of the pie, it is obvious that they have only one goal, to take back the web from Google.

Interestingly enough, there has been little response from Google regarding these actions by Microsoft, yet they must be feeling the heat. After all, even though Microsoft does not yet pose a major threat in the online marketplace, if they continue on the path they are on, they very well could.

Perhaps the newest news on the Google front is their first response to all of Microsoft’s moves. Google has the Wave and of course Buzz and now they will be taking over Aardvark. In case you don’t know what Aardvark is, it is a social search tool; one that allows users to ask a question and have it answered within minutes by an expert on the topic.

Effective Time-Management – Pointers For The Home Based Business Owner

Most people are starting their own home based business because it gives them more time for themselves and their families. However, this flexibility of time comes with a great challenge as well. You have to be ready to do things on your own. Therefore, time management is highly needed. It can be difficult to finish a task and start another if you don’t know how to balance your time. Below are tip on how you can manage your time more effectively:

Do the most difficult tasks first. At the start of your day, do first the tasks that require your full energy and attention. Finish off your most demanding tasks in the morning, while you’re still at your best. At the end of the day, you’ll be left with simpler tasks that do not need much concentration.

Identify and prioritize your tasks. You may divide your duties into three: your duties to your family, to your business and to yourself. Now list down all the tasks that you need to do according to these three categories. Take note of the things that you need to accomplish.

Next, take a look at your list and carefully examine the degree of importance of each task. Which tasks should be done on a daily basis? Which ones can be done weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? You can easily define your priorities more clearly by identifying your duties first. After identifying your tasks, get ready to set your priorities.

Starting A Business When You Are Fifty

Starting your own business is not just for the young. Many older people are deciding to take the leap into working for themselves, from reasons varying from having been made redundant from their old jobs, or even to just top up their standard salary or pension.

Some may worry that they are too old to start their own business over the age of fifty, but statistics show that the more mature business owner is actually more likely to succeed in this endeavor, being more likely to possess the accumulated skills necessary to successfully run a business.

Indeed, the Office of National Statistics not long since carried out a Labour Force survey, which concluded that around a fifth of all people in the work force who are over fifty are business owners!

If you already have a business idea, the next step is to create your own business and marketing plans, probably the most vital ingredient of your business development. The business plan is there to help you determine your aim for the business, and how you intend to implement your ideas.

This document is always particularly important if you are hoping to gain financial backing from banks, other financial institutions or investors.

How Can You Run A Restaurant Successfully?

It is true that the success of your restaurant depends to some extent on the economy, since a slow economy would mean less profit. But this is always not so simple. Consider the case of so many industrialists and entrepreneurs who stuff up their leather pouches with the maximum profits you can imagine. So what is the secret mantra that could make you rich beyond your dreams? Well, it all depends on management. If you use your creativity to find out brilliant solutions to all your problems, you could get ahead as fast as you can say “light year”.

Managing a restaurant is not an easy job. You may start out thinking that your investments can bear rich fruits for you; while in reality, you can lose them as easily as possible. In business, you start small and end big. Maybe you have never tried your hands in handling a restaurant before. But that does not matter, what really matters is that you get enough experience of your own to learn the basic principles that are required.

Firstly, you need the pep talk. Realize that running a restaurant is very hard and complex work, and so you need to learn the nature of restaurants and the various objectives that are to be attained. If you are a weak soul, you really should not be here.

It does not mean that the moment you open up a food joint, you can start earning your dollars. There are other stuff to be taken into account, like paying for advertising, rent (if you do not own that place), food, labor cost, and customer service.

Black-Owned Businesses: Addressing The How To, When Feeling The Why Bother?

With all the discussion about the growth industries including health, IT, education, green technologies, etc. that will lead the country out of its fiscal slump, you do not hear much about Black-owned businesses being a growth area, but it should be.

The primary reason for the launch of many Black-owned businesses was the concrete ceiling effect within corporate America that drove promising Black executives into the entrepreneurial arena due to limited advancement opportunities.

Other Black-owned businesses got their start because the founder had an idea and through hard work and tenacity, they fed that idea and built a business.

While that represents the two general viewpoints of Black-owned businesses being relative newcomers to the scene, that concept is not altogether true. Black-owned businesses were the staples of segregated Black communities before those business start-up concepts took place, so there is a long, and sometimes, tragic history of Black-owned businesses and a track record for their success despite tremendous obstacles.

Despite current economic conditions, there are still opportunities for those interested in starting a businesses and seeking out these growth areas to reach their full potential.

How Wind Energy Can Help Reduce Energy Consumption

So long as it is well understood how to construct and implement wind farms, this technology can greatly help boost manufacturing productions. Once the initial capital costs are already spent, the cost of generating electricity from wind energy is almost already negligible.

As part of a study on alternative energy solutions and sources, the Department of Energy has proposed to use wind power in generating up to 20% of our total needs. There are more than enough locations to install wind farms within the USA, requiring an approximate investment of $150 Billion a year.

Advocates of the plan suggest that if there is to be a legislation which will mandate local utilities to purchase generated power at regulated rates, it would essentially guarantee demand. As part of the carbon emissions reduction program of any enterprise,there is always enough reason to make this project a priority.

So long as it is well understood how to construct and implement wind farms, this technology can greatly help boost manufacturing productions. Once the initial capital costs are already spent, the cost of generating electricity from wind energy is almost already negligible. It is therefore practical to implement wind farms as long as the demand is guaranteed through mandatory purchases to protect investment costs.