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Temporary Bandwidth in New York

When it comes time to choose a location for your corporate event, there will be many cities that will be tempting. Most places have gone out of their way to ensure that they can get a piece of the conference and convention pie. However, you won’t go wrong by going with a tried and true location like New York or Chicago. Both are large cities with a long history and many people choose them simply for a vacation, let alone conferences or conventions.

An issue that will inevitably come up after you’ve chosen your locale and venue, will be internet access. Included in this will be your bandwidth requirements. For a New York bandwidth provider, you can contact Trade Show Internet. They have a variety of bandwidth solutions for different needs.

They also offer services across the country, so for New York bandwidth or a Chicago bandwidth provider, contact them on their website or by calling 866-345-1504.

Samsung Galaxy S5: a premium version and an output between March and April 2014?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has already been much ink , but we are probably not the end of our surprises and rumors will intensify in the coming weeks . This morning, it is also ETNews who gave a layer devoting an entire article to the next Samsung flagship . According to the Korean newspaper , the firm had actually planned to start production of its new terminal in the month of January for a scheduled between March and April marketing . Interesting, but there is even better because it would have also decided to give his two S5 models, including a premium version .

Much has been said about the Galaxy S4 . Some have even been talk of disappointing sales , well below forecasts South Korean giant . JK Shin sought to reassure investors by giving some figures last month. Figures for the less eloquent as the S4 would have passed 40 million copies , including 10 million in the first month !rumeurs-samsung-galaxy-s5-nov13

Child’s pornography problems

Being parents of this modern life in some cases is harder than parents without advanced technology in the past. If you are one of those parents, you need to feel worry that your children are going to do the wrong things and it is hard to keep watching them. There are some serious problems often happened in children’s life especially they are in teen ages. Pornography is one of those problems and you have to aware the new method used to access pornography contents nowadays.

In the past, you could easily watch while your children purchased adult magazine or watched porn DVD but today they are not the only methods used to enjoy porn contents. Your children can do it anytime and anywhere with small device called as mobile phone. There are some websites provide download porn that can be accessed easily with mobile phone devices. It makes your children can access porn contents while they seem like doing their homework or watching television programs.

That is the real situation today and you should aware about it to avoid porn addiction happens to your beloved children. Getting closer with your children is important to keep them away from negative side of pornography contents that are easily to access in this modern life.

Lomo +: apply a vintage effect to your photos with a single click

Lomo + is a tool that works as an extension for the Chrome browser. It converts your images online in real works of art! With a mouse click, you can apply to your images up to 12 vintage and retro filters:

  • Bleach
  • bypass
  • Glowing Sun
  • Grape Jam
  • Hazy Days
  • Her Majesty
  • Jarques
  • Mellow Pinhole
  • Old Boot


File Joiner: free software to join files

In video editing, you can end up with multiple files for a single video. However, difficult to reach manually! File Joiner is a simple and easy to use application that combines multiple files each application.
This software is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8.

Auto Cleaner: Free software for automatic cleaning of windows

Many applications store temporary files in system folders, but few bother cleaning! These can be easily removed manually or by using the Disk Cleanup is part of the Windows operating system. However, if you forget or do not have time for this, you could easily end up with gigabytes of unnecessary files on your hard drive. AutoCleaner can solve the problem with an automatic cleaning. By default, AutoCleaner will clean every 24 hours, or you can set a different interval.