Looking for Some to Help with My Dad

I am looking for some to help with my Dad, but I do not expect him to want to go along with it very easily. He is still determined to take care of the house he bought forty years ago, in fact there were still some woodlands in the area when he moved here. At any rate it is a lot of work to take care of a house and a yard all by yourself, especially when you are his age. I figure he needs someone who does senior home care in queens at this point. He has a lot of little things wrong with him and I am worried about him. The last time I went up there to see him he was acting rather strangely and I eventually figured out that he was taking too much of this one pill. The doctor had prescribed too much of it and the pharmacist I talked to knew it at once. Of course my Dad is a smaller man and they were prescribing a dose which was appropriate for a man who was twice his weight. At any rate he was quite normal after he began to take a reasonable dose of this drug. It was a big scare for me though, because he was out trying to do all of his chores while he was completely out of it on these drugs. I do not know if he had been driving, but he still goes where he wants. From what I have heard he drives slowly, which is not anything like he used to be. In fact when I was a kid he had a muscle car with a big engine and was known to burn out for little reason. Hearing that people see him driving at a crawl is weird.

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