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I ate something that is not agreeing with my stomach right now. Which is fairly unfortunate considering the fact that I agreed that I would make food for my wife and myself later on tonight. I guess that I should figure out the source of my stomach discomfort, if I can, and then maybe I will be able to do something about it.

I am pretty upset that my stomach doesn’t feel good right now. If there is one weakness that I have in the world, it is the fact that I have a pretty weak stomach. I have had a weak stomach ever since I was a little kid and all along I had hoped that it would be something that I would learn to get over or grow out of as I aged. But while it is a bit better than it is has been in the past, it is not like it is has gotten a lot better in general, and so from time to time I still find myself in situations like this. That is why I really try to watch what it is that I eat.

I have cut out all gluten from my diet, because if I know one thing, it is that gluten is bad for you, and that people shouldn’t eat it. I guess they got it wrong in the agricultural revolution when they domesticated different grains. But anyway, my electric bill is super high this month, and I almost do not want to pay it. It seems like they are ripping me off somehow. I don’t know how they would be ripping me off, since I have a power meter on my house, and all of that. But I am still suspicious. Anyway, I am going to check to see if anyone has a better rate.

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