How to repair an air conditioner

First we should note that failure is detected on the computer, if it is an electric refrigerator failure, electronic or. Observed in the case of an acoustic, light signal or any entry in the display we consult the manufacturer’s installation manual.

If the machine does not have this type of failure can have a malfunction:

For lack of loading or overloading: This we will indicate the gauge bridge or analyzer, if the pressure in the circuit is low, below normal (see table refrigerant pressures), chances are we have a leak , excess fluid in the circuit can be detected with a clamp, by comparing actual consumption with the theoretical characteristics plate of the outdoor unit, a machine with excess liquid consume far more of what makes the plate.

The cold freezes line: We must ensure that we do not have a lack of charge or leakage (also shows the lack of cargo checking if the line is hot or cold liquid and gas is cold or room temp..

The machine is in depression: usually happens to us when we have a blockage in the circuit so the vacuum is the circuit through the compressor.

In the case of leakage: If the machine has been working check if there is an oil slick, which does not indicate the approximate point where this is located, or use electronic devices for the detection of different refrigerants, but the best method is the soap long as you have water pressure within the circuit.

Although I recommend the use of air conditioning leaks sealed Extreme DRAC since both domestic and insustrial is valid and does not affect any component of the system

Electrical components: Check immediately if you have tension in the indoor unit if this does not start us or check for voltage at the outdoor unit if we do not start.
Another test is to check compressor windings with a tester to check the status of this, and conduct a check wiring of the machine.

Electronics: If you will not start is the indoor unit and check transformer fuse plate if you are offers on this, check the wiring and check that everything is correct.

If you checked this and the machine has an alarm, automatically switch plate.
In the event that an alarm signal appears this may be for: failure Interconnection plate, immersion probe of indoor or outdoor unit, the outdoor ambient sensor unit or inner fan failure, etc .. .

Especially when a repair is made to stay calm and think positively because there is an irreparable machine.


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