Samsung Galaxy S5: a premium version and an output between March and April 2014?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has already been much ink , but we are probably not the end of our surprises and rumors will intensify in the coming weeks . This morning, it is also ETNews who gave a layer devoting an entire article to the next Samsung flagship . According to the Korean newspaper , the firm had actually planned to start production of its new terminal in the month of January for a scheduled between March and April marketing . Interesting, but there is even better because it would have also decided to give his two S5 models, including a premium version .

Much has been said about the Galaxy S4 . Some have even been talk of disappointing sales , well below forecasts South Korean giant . JK Shin sought to reassure investors by giving some figures last month. Figures for the less eloquent as the S4 would have passed 40 million copies , including 10 million in the first month !rumeurs-samsung-galaxy-s5-nov13

However, since then, new monsters power came on the market. I think of the Sony Xperia Z1, the LG G2 and Nexus 5 who were entitled to a more favorable reception from the users, of course, but also the specialized press .

Samsung must therefore react and this is precisely what could push the giant to rush the launch of its Galaxy S5 . According to sources of the Korean newspaper mentioned a little earlier, it would have thus decided to start production of its new ” superphone ” in the month of January for a two or three official launch months later.

But there is better because Samsung could decline its terminal in two versions:

  •     Basic version : standard plastic chassis and OLED screen.
  •     Premium Version: flexible OLED screen and metal chassis .

Specifications, they would be similar and the Galaxy S5 and could carry a 64 – bit processor Exynos or Snapdragon processor, backed by 3GB of RAM and a 4000 mAh battery as a bonus! Thereupon , we also would be entitled to a sensor 16 million pixels and the KitKat 4.4 drizzled with a hint of Touchwiz . Oh and for the latter , it would even issue a new version .

Oh and S5 may be accompanied by a new Galaxy Gear 15% thinner than the current model.

All this information is obviously taken with the utmost of prudence , as every time it comes to rumors about a non- marketed product.

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