Get Some Help to Check English Grammar

If you feel that you are not good enough to write some articles or papers in English, you can check out to find some help for checking your grammar. It is a free site that will help you check grammar on anything you have written. You can make sure that your writing is already perfect on the grammar.

Besides providing you with online service to check your grammar, this site is also really easy to access. You just need to open their page on, then click the check for mistakes button. After that, copy all of the words that you already wrote in the box and press start checking button. Their software will automatically detect any grammar mistakes on your draft and they will mark it with lines. Green line is for spelling error, red is for grammar error and blue line is for punctuation error.

For people who need to check paper or articles from someone else, you can also use this site to check the originality of their writing. You can check whether your students or your staffs done plagiarism to complete their writing or not. With this way, you do not need to buy any plagiarism software anymore and get free grammar check on the site.

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