Flameless candles gift idea

To create an environment atmosphere with soft lighting with soft reflected glow with vivid colors that envelop the walls we definitely need the fire of the candles. They are the ultimate object that can fade the lights softly defining the outlines of things. For a romantic dinner at home, the restaurant, a spa or any place in which we unquestionably need to relax to soft music and soft lighting.

The flameless candles are one of the more curious given birth by technology innovations in recent years. Do not wear out, not dirty, do not smoke, do not heat, can be used even where there are children, why not put the tents catch fire, in short, the advantages are many compared to a classic candle.

How do the candles without a flame?

Apparently they look like like normal candles. Outside, in many cases are made right in wax, plastic or similar materials, or opaque or frosted glass. Internally, everything changes. There is a simple LED (often guaranteed operation up to 120 thousand hours) that can be fixed or re-light the torch with the glow fades and comes back on. Hardly those unfamiliar with flameless candles, called in English or flameless Smart Candle, candle, you notice the difference with a normal candle.

They last a lot, up to 5 years of uninterrupted operation, because inside are powered by a rechargeable long-life rechargeable lithium or nickel, a penlight, or those tiny watch. Under the candle is of course the power button on and off. The price is ridiculously low, you start with 2 or 3 euros for the tiny candles until you get to 30-40 euros for those who have larger batteries that are recharged: just like a cell phone because they stick with the current transformer and can provide a flame for 10 hours.

On the Internet there are many online shops offering candles without flames for all tastes and for all needs. As stated are ideal for those who have set up the lighting system of a spa. In this case, are great because they can also be used around water, never go out in case of splashes in any case even if they are not water proof. They can also be fun to do a gift to a relative or friend. Many shops in fact personalize the candle with written forms, decorations or unique messages of love.

Then there are the candles without flames sound, within which there is a small speaker that diffuses a pleasant tune or a song.

Some companies are using bulk flameless candles for classic corporate gifts or for advertising. Instead of the usual pens, now strategic use of calendars or usb, these gadgets are used that are customizable to one hundred percent with the name, address, phone number and logo of your company. For Christmas, of course, many manufacturers offer these flameless candles from the classic red and the flames to put as a table centerpiece for the room full of food.

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