Weight Measuring of Heavy Stuff

Big stuff you can’t even carry it with your bare hand will never able to weight measured by ordinary weight scales. You know that the stuff dimension may bigger than the scales, and what can you do with it? I know it must be your business requires you to measuring the weight of big stuff, and you need special scales for it.

heavy duty platform scale will help you to do it. It is install on the floor so you can put the stuff on it and it will automatically measured the weight. If you stand on the top of it, you can measure your body weight also, okay it just for fun. The result will appear on the LCD display mount on the vertical stand beside the floor scales. The accuracy is not to be question. Floor scales is commonly use for industrial purpose so accuracy is take important role.

To stand out the big and heavy stuff, the scales is made by Super Heavy Duty 6″ I-Beam Steel Construction. This is really strong metal and the outer deck is made by diamond steel plate and finish by epoxy paint finish. For additional accessories, printer is available if you need to print out the result.

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