Five categories of tires

Choose the tires that best suits your needs in terms of leadership is certainly not a trivial matter: driving a car, in fact, not only about having the opportunity to move from one place to another with ease, but you must do so as security, whether you are driving on country roads or rural areas, whether that includes travel all day on the highway.

For this reason, the wheels fitted to our cars have to meet security requirements: the tires, in fact, must be approved and that is why today the factories offer a wide range of choices, depending on the season, the type of car, and the type of road on which the machine is used to traveling.

There are five types of tires for cars between which it is possible to identify the most appropriate for your needs:

  • The standard tires, which is suitable for every season of the year because they work equally well on wet and dry;
  • Performance tires, best as summer tires – even if, in the case of areas with warm climate and tend to dry can be used all year round – as particularly suited to provide better grip in the dry;
  • Winter tires, which represent the kind of tires more suited to difficult driving conditions due to wet roads and icy;
  • The all terrain tires, best suited for SUVs because of their adherence to particular areas that fall out. This category also remember the mud terrain, best suited for extra grip on hard mud and dirt;
  • The run-flat tire, the latest in innovation, because designed to minimize the risk of losing control of her car when a tire pit: they are able to walk even at zero pressure, provided that the reduced speed and short distances.

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