Because they are very cheap wholesale Prints?

Printing business is one of the alternatives used by commercial printers when they want to offer jobs that are beyond their means. They go to the printing trade when they feel that businesses do not have the equipment needed to produce some work or you do not have enough people to work on an order. In addition, a brand printer is the best choice to have when you are upgrading the equipment as this can take orders, while the equipment ready. The wholesale prints produced by this printer

However, many still question how trade printers that can print their materials in a very low cost. The answer is simple and can be explained by two points:

Offset Printing
One of the reasons why the trade of printers are very affordable and can produce prints in bulk is due to processes of offset printing. The offset printing method allows for the production of large quantities of prints, with a quick turn around.

The process is simple. A plate is the first product containing models of print jobs. This dish also goes through several rolls of color ink. The process runs on the assumption that oil and water do not mix. Water is used to ensure that the oil-based inks do not mix with each other and do not bleed into paper. This process is repeated over and over again until the number of orders is reached.

What is unique about the offset is never when you increase the amount of prints for the cost of printing per piece becomes less. Why? This is due to the fact that most of the cost you pay for offset printing is the production of the plaque. For example, if you want to order more prints and the plate is still with the printer, the amount for each piece of your current order will be significantly less than the amount per piece of your previous order. The same principle applies when you have most orders. Each time you print in bulk, more refined, meaning that almost cover the cost of the plate production process, making the offset printing process very effective in terms of costs.

Gang run printing
Gang run printing is another way of wholesale printing companies produce prints. They combine several orders on one plate to maximize its cost. This dish is then run several times, according to a number of copies you require.

For example, one company has ordered a print brochure. Another company orders a flyer, poster, while another orders. Assuming that these prints are of the same amount, press a combination of expert and lay-out of these prints in a single flat compared to the traditional method of laying a single order on a single plate.

The result of this method is the simultaneous printing of several projects with the cost shared between the companies of the plate. And, as discussed above, once the cost of the plate is covered, the cost of printing dramatically decrease. It boils down to a point that you feel that you are paying only for the paper and ink.

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