Self Improvement By Competing With Yourself

The planet is full of men and women wanting to get the very best in life regarding self improvement no matter what happens. No matter of possible consequences, an individual will aim to use mind power and positive thinking for personal growth in a chosen field. A person can target for being the very best, no matter the obstacles placed in his path. Friends, family, all are forgotten just to be the one that is most prestigious, the most acclaimed.

When you strive against other people, you will be in what Bill Gates would express as a coach ride that has no way of stopping, no way of steering, and no way of realizing if someone is behind or beside you along the way. It’s a pretty hazardous and serious business. Visualize going full speed regardless of what you may potentially strike.

This can be very demanding if you go 1n opposition to different individuals you should not be competing with in the first place. Some would say you need to go 1n opposition to other men and women to see if you have gained enough self improvement in the process. But does your personal success have to be measured 1n opposition to the criteria of other people? So, if an individual is positive and you’re not, does that mean you’re an underachiever and a loser having no mind power?

No doubt you have found yourself in a position where despite your greatest efforts others appear to get all the credit. You may have even found yourself stooping to the level of bad mouthing them as lucky so and so’s. That is totally negative and will never aid your self improvement. You could find yourself concentrating so much on trying to catch out your co-workers that you neglect what you should be doing and fail to hit your set goals.

You are so intent in besmirching other people’s reputation just to get to the top without knowing that you are neglecting to hone your own self improvement skills to become worthy of the position to which you aspire. And because of your neglect, you will not get the position that you want making you detest your co-workers more. You have just landed yourself in a very poor working situation.

Harness your mind power and positive thinking examini9ng what you have successfully completed, identifying what you can do further to enhance your self improvement. Never belittle your achievements, recognize them for what they are for in many cases you have achieved what others could never achieve causing them to look at you, without your knowing, as one who is driven to success.

If you want to do far better, do not review your self improvement with other people. Some go on without sleep and sustenance just to get the task carried out, but is that the way you do things? You know you will do the task far better if you eat properly and sleep right, so why torture oneself given that the most effective one at university or work is carrying out the same thing? You’re defeating yourself because you see their standard as your own – which is not the case.

How can you defeat your bad habits, those same habits that you believe are holding your back from success – Mind power, that is your mind power for you and you alone are capable of developing positive thinking. This is the way you look at your successes and determine that your next task will not be just as equally successfully achieved but an improvement on the last. See what you did to succeed and improve on that, see what obstacles you met and determine how you can ensure that they are no longer obstacles. Do not try to achieve goals to outperform other individuals see to outperform yourself each time. Just like the athlete who is always striving to set a new personal best that should be your mission.

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