Overcoming Objections – Did The Customer Believe You?

One thing very few people want to talk about in sales is the customers’ level of belief. But do customer believe everything we say? We actually cause many of our own sales objections with this approach. This flawed belief can cost us lots of sales and lead to a tough time overcoming objections. Here are a few things you can do to be more believable to your customers.

Be Like Your Customer

Customers believe salespeople who are “their kind of people”. Try to look like your customer in your attire. Try to talk like your customer in terms of speed and range of vocabulary. Don’t say things that might indicate you are different than your customer, such as comments on sports or politics. Even the weather cause trouble. For example, if I like snow and you open with a comment about hating winter, you are not my kind of person and you have increased buyer resistance.

Don’t Offend Your Customer

It is so easy to offend a customer and if we do, we become someone to distrust, not someone to do business with or buy from. Be extra polite and respectful. Ask if you can sit down, ask if you can put your case on the table or desk. Don’t wear religious or political symbols. Don’t ask if a picture on their desk is their daughter, it could be their wife. Don’t congratulate them on being pregnant, they could be just fat. See what I mean. Watch what you say.

Prove Everything You Say

The best way to prevent sales objections cause by disbelief is to prove everything you say. If you can’t prove it, don’t say it. You will need props, video, industry articles and other items to prove what you say. Try this exercise. Do your presentation for yourself. Write down every claim you make. Can you prove each claim to be true? If not, why assume that the customer is believing everything you say? Anything they doubt will come back to haunt you as a sales objection.

End Each Statement With A Benefit And A Question

Every time you state a feature, add a benefit and end with a question. This will help flush out things the customer is not in agreement with. For example, if your feature is 24-hour customer support line. Don’t just say that, add a benefit like, – that means we will be here to help you any time you need us without delay. You’ll never face problems alone. Then, end with a question like, – is that they kind of customer service you are looking for? If your client says “yes”, chances are they believe you. If you don’t ask, you will never really be sure.

Bring Up Belief If You Don’t Get The Sale

One final technique few salespeople use is to bring up belief if you can’t get the sale. You could say something like, “If you felt the same way I do about my proposal, you would be asking to get started. I am guessing there is something I said that you don’t quite agree with. May I ask what it is?” If they tell you, you are ready to overcome the objection.

Never assume the customer believes all that you say. Use these techniques to reduce the sales objections you face because the customer didn’t believe you.

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