Cheap Web Hosting Vs. Free Web Hosting: Weigh The Differences

Being able to find a great cheap web hosting plan that offers a great price is such a good deal. But, what if you have found something that is offered for free? Definitely, you may be pretty attracted to it, and get it instead of the cheap web hosting plan. That is normally what happens. People who are searching for cheap web hosting plans end up getting a free plan. But, is it really worth using free services?
Of course you have to weigh the differences, and let your wise judgment do the job. If you are the type of person that makes a decision without thinking about the consequences, you may have grabbed the opportunity of a free web hosting. But, you will later realize and hoped that may have thought about it at first.
But, if you have weighed what the differences may be, you may even do some research regarding that cheap web hosting and free web hosting plans. Here is a little summary of what you are about to find out between the differences when it comes to features between cheap web hosting and free hosts.

‘¢ Free web hosting offers limited features. You may get a pre-saved template and won’t be able to change the template unless you have upgraded for the expensive plan. Cheap web hosting on the other hand lets you choose your own template, or sometimes, allows you to create your very own.

‘¢ Cheap web hosting plans may have unlimited storage space on disk. A free web hosting plan may have limited space that you may have some problems, not today, but it is possible in the future. Maybe as of this moment you won’t need much space ‘“ but who knows, in the weeks or months to come, you may have decided to upload more images and graphics, and it may be too late to realize that your free web hosting plan cannot support that storage space.

‘¢ Another important thing ‘“ and you should always take note of this. Most free web hosting plans have advertisements all over the web page. You would not want to have your home page flooded with different advertisements, right? And you cannot complain to the company itself because they are offering their services to you at no cost at all. However, with a decent cheap web hosting plan, you may be able to filter out those advertisements, and even get the chance to include your very own ads on your page.

Right now, it is up to you if you still want to pursue your free hosting, or think about it thoroughly and consider paying a reasonable price with a cheap web hosting plan. A cheap web hosting provider does not merely stop on providing excellent website features, but it continues by providing 24 hour support service. That way, you may easily contact then if you have noticed some errors or problems regarding your site. Do not settle with a cheap web hosting company that does not have this feature.

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