News release on Android operating system

As you know, the Android operating system is gaining popularity in the world, overtaking from and the iPhone in sales. The latest news about the operating system from Google, you count the South Korean company LG mobile phones, has launched a powerful mobile phone with Android. Optimus is the GT540 model, which has a 32MB memory and uses a micro-SD card. If you decide to buy this mobile phone, you need to know who has a 3 inch touchscreen HVGA type. Also allows us to connect to the Internet via the Wi-Fi.

It also has GPS system and to top it is ideal for young people who are fans of major social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Bebo, to name a few. It is also important to note that the Optimus GT540 has the file transfer system Bluetooth 2.1. To make matters worse also has an MP3 player and a camera. Thanks Android system allows us to synchronize various Google applications either email, instant messaging system maps. If you decide to download more applications you only need to enter Android Marketing where you’ll find about 30 000 different applications. This mobile phone is now available from this May.

On the other hand we tell you that Adobe has asked for flash developers to focus their efforts on Android applications, and to abandon their desire to create new applications for the iPhone. Yes, it seems that flash applications for iPhone has its days numbered thanks to the Developer Program License Agreement, which prohibits the use of Adobe applications for Apple.

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