Health is the most important thing in people’s life. Every people must keep healthy of their heart because that’s the most vital organ in human’s body. There are several ways to keep our health like lowering cholesterol by restrict certain food, sport and therapy, and much more. You must be know that high cholesterol puts you at risk of having a heart attack and stroke. So, some effort are needed to avoid heart attack. A sort explanation, a heart attack is known as a myocardial infarction. This occurs when the heart muscle is damaged or does not receive enough oxygen. Many cardiac related problems occur due to blockages in arteries that carry purified blood away from the heart to different parts of the body. Another cause is the formation of blood clots.

Have you ever hear about a method called chelation? I’m sure that would help you about health issues. You can start to clean your blood in from toxin, fat, and some elements and make your heart feels lighter by chelation therapy. Another way you can also try oral chelation. That’s consist in the chelation pills and liquids, depend on your preference. Simply you can consume it daily to keep your health.

That’s the way you can afford for keeping your healt. However, there are some tips to reduce the risks of a heart attack :

1. Quitting smoking.

2. Eating healthy. Avoid fatty foods, excess salt, and red meats.

3. Controlling high blood pressure and diabetes.

4. Ensuring regular exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Walking is most beneficial.

5. Preventing obesity. Doing all you can to maintain weight.

6. Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.

7. Practicing meditation.

8. Doing regular relaxation and breathing exercises.

9. Undergoing periodic cardiac evaluations.

10. Including foods that are rich in anti-oxidants in your diet.


  1. A close friend of mine died of a Heart Attack, his heart condition is caused by him being so obese.*`;

  2. Heart attack is the number killer these days, this is probably due to the high cholesterol diets that we have-~”

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