When I was a single, I had a dream about my future family life. Someday, I want to have a wife who used herself as a blogger. In other words, I’d like my future wife is a blogger or may have much knowledge about internet. I want to build my blogger family. Maybe you supposed it as a ridiciolus dream about having a family in household. I think it’s okay because actually my wife hasn’t a blogger at all. We have some difference in our household and it’s okay to be rant between us. But everything is gonna be okay because we can understand each other, although now we stay separately with our twin daughter, Frelia, living together with me and Cocona live together with my wife.

Actually we are not intended to divorce. We just want to take a bed separately. Divorcement is the most painful things in household. So, I avoid to get divorced with my wife because I still love her. I wonder why some people and even celebrities have an intention to divorce with their couple. But I think they have their own reason about it. I know that they as well as my wife who has very exceptional thought against me and I have the different thoughts, different vision, but we must be able to communicate well. If two hearts can’t defend their marriage any longer, no wonder if the divorcement become the final decision. That’s too bad.

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Still want to divorce? Think back about your intention. You should think about your children future. I hope you are understand about what are doing.

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