Good news for you all Blogger mania, especially for you a commercialist Blogger or Blogspot users that have purpose to full-monetize your blog, to searching for a penny of dollars in internet

In accordance with the title of my post that is selling Text Link using Blogspot, this time I will discuss a bit about sell text link. Where is this time we as a blogspot users can enjoy this program for easily. Because the sell text link program is simply easier for blogspot users, for the minimum pagerank is 0 to submit, we can also submit text link manually, just like adding some links in your blogroll. While the order to be sent via e-mail and then we put it on our blog manually, No php script, so simple.

before I found Teliad, there are some broker that allow Bloggers to sign up and put the text link on their blog. But there are some requirements that make quite difficult, for example TLA aka Text Link Ads, where the minimum requirement to be able to be a member is have PR 4 blog. Ask2links is easier because support on blogspot, but I hadn’t get any advertiser that want to buy text link on mine. My search ended in, where I can sell text link and install it manually. Then stay waiting advertisers who want to buy it.

How about the pricing? You can know how worthy your blog by submit it to price calculator menu. So we can know a reasonable price for our blog. About the payment processor you can choose by Paypal. This program is even easier for newbie. Just sign-up and make offers by your blog. If you need some help about this, just ask me and I’ll help you.

teliad - the marketplace for text links


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