If you like to share, get paid to sharing program that is fit to be followed. In these programs, you can share some files such videos, photos, music and much more or like information to someone else and you get revenue when someone pick your file, or even just signup under your reference. The other method that that belongs to these programs are revenue sharing.

Some paid to share the address you can follow is as follows:
Members will get paid $0.001 for each of the files that are uploaded and downloaded by the visitors. This site also provides services in Indonesian language by clicking the dropdown menu in the language.


Member can write a blog and share video and photos to other visitors. Member can also use the account to add adsense income by 100% of adsense click will become the property of members.

In Yuwie, earnings will be come from a viewed photos, viewed blog, and when we successfully invite friends to join us under our reference. Yuwie is a the first social network site that pays it’s members from their advertising revenue. How it work is just like (even same) as Friendster, Myspace or Facebook.

At the site, members can upload photos or images with unlimited amount and get paid $ 0.22 for every 1000 images viewed by visitors. Photos that you have can be shared in Friendster, Myspace, Blogger, Xanga, and much more.
If you have joined with Bidvertiser, Your Bidvertiser code can also be dded in your uploaded images to increase revenue.

The program is also the same as the Yuwie, based as social networking. You will be paid $ 0.5 for every member joined under you. Payments will be processed after your balance reaches $ 100. In addition, you can also get some attractive prizes by collecting points. Points are derived from the activities we like to write blogs, upload photos, comments to the other member, and more.

All of those programs are really paid and recommended. So, just try and making dollar from those.

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